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Welcome to The Grand Lodge of All England
Written by Web Master   
Friday, 30 December 2005

Welcome to the official website of The Grand Lodge of All England at York, the Most Ancient and Honourable Society of Free cach fx and Accepted Masons of All England, Premier Grand Lodge of the World.  The Grand Lodge at York is the governing fx market.io body of Freemasonry in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Districts Overseas.

In the year 926 AD, all operative Masonic Lodges in England were called together in congress by King Athelstane, "King of the Masons".  A charter or constitution was adopted by them, and the City of York was fixed as the seat of the Grand-Master of all Masons.

Circa 1560 AD, under the Mastership of Sir Thomas Sackville, The Assembly of Masons at York, now an assemblage of speculative Masons, was granted "... further rights to meet", by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, and so we know that "The Craft" or speculative Masonry was established forex option in York under its jurisdiction, some time between 1560 and 926AD.


From this assemblage arose the name of Ancient York Masons.  A Grand Lodge at York was widely accepted and acknowledged by all concerned in Freemasonry to be the Grand Lodge for the whole of England, prior to 1567.  This Grand Lodge was renamed The Old Grand Lodge at York in 1705AD.  It was further renamed The Grand Lodge of All England at York in 1725AD, and has remained so to this very day.

The Grand Lodge of All England at York retains jurisdiction over Craft Freemasonry, "The Craft", and confers the degrees of: Entered Apprentice; Fellow; and Master Mason.  It confers the Degree of an Installed Master in which the Master of a Lodge is installed and invested with full ceremony.  The Mark Degree is conferred upon Master Masons in a regular craft lodge open in the Second, Fellow of the Craft Degree.

Warranted Lodges:  St John's Lodge at York, Talbot Lodge at Halifax; French Prisoners Lodge at York; Three Tuns Lodge at Scarborough; Royal Oak Lodge at Ripon; Crown Lodge at Knaresborough; Flying Childers Lodge at Macclesfield; Hovingham Lodge; Druidical Lodge at Rotherham; New Inn Lodge at Snainton; Fortitude Lodge at Hollinwood (Oldham),  Renaissance Lodge at London.

The Grand Lodge of All England at York recognises all Master Masons who have been regularly Initiated, Passed, and Raised strictly in conformity with The Ancient Charges and Regulations.  All such recognised Master Masons may visit or join our Lodges, or those Lodges overseas with which we are in amity.  The usual proofs will be required.

"There was but one family among masons, and every mason was a branch of that family."

"... we being only, as Masons, of the Universal religion above mention'd, we are also of all Nations, Tongues, Kindreds, and Languages ... if you discover him to be a true and genuine Brother, you are to respect him.  (Source: William Preston)

Applications for the Degrees of Symbolic Masonry and/or membership of one of our warranted Lodges may be made to The Grand Secretary (see Contact Us on this webpage).

Thank you for taking the trouble to visit us today.  While you are here, why not register as a member so that you may receive regular updates.  You are also invited to participate in our Poll which provides us with useful information.

If you would like to leave us a message, you can do so by signing our guestbook.  We read each and every message and enjoy receiving communications from all around the world.  The Grand Lodge of All England welcomes your views and opinions of this website.

The website is regularly updated, so please visit us again soon.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 November 2006 )